Kids enjoy extremely the activities in the sea. We have special programs just for our little friends.

PADI Bubblemaker

Do you want to do a really special activity with your kid? Come together to dive! With specially formulated equipment (small bottles) and our experienced instructors, the lesson is tailored to our little friends. Kids are crazy with water and with their contact with aquatic beings! Children must be at least 8 years old to use scuba gear for breathing underwater and to swim around in shallow water. Diving takes place in a perfectly controlled environment with a maximum depth of 2 m. Parental approval is required.

PADI Seal Team

Are you ready for some fun underwater activities? Padi Seal Team is specially designed for kids that love action. The program includes small missions, such as navigation, buoyancy, environmental awareness and more. No prior experience is necessary, but kids must be comfortable in the water. Parental approval is required.

Homodelphinus for kids

Homodelphinus… a magical journey into the blue. A journey that continues immeasurably like the sea… My little friends are you ready to join us on this journey? The love we have for children and the sea lead us to create Homodelphinus, having the opportunity to teach our little friends everything we know after many years of experience. All about Homodelphinus…